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Born in Japan, Mina Mimbu moved to New Zealand at the age of 14 to continue her studies. Since she did not have a full grasp of English upon her arrival, she turned to other means of expression to counteract the language barrier. A self-taught artist, she tried her hand at painting before broaching photography several years later, after the birth of her two sons. Over time, this became her main source of inspiration. The photographer borrows from the innocence of childhood realms to create candid images enabling her to escape reality. Since children see the world through their own eyes, a world very different to that of adults, Mina aims to interpret it through the prism of her lens and infuses a hint of magic into her colourful portraits. Coupled with the magnificent and elusive landscapes of the Pacific, she leaves the spectator with the memory of an enchanting sentiment and an irresistible desire to reconnect with their inner child.

"There is a saying that childhood is life's most beautiful of all seasons. 
Children are full of wonder, joy, innocence and magic. Their imaginations are limitless and mind blowing  because they believe that the world is full of possibilities. Children are amazing little people with big big dream. 
I hope my photographs make you feel something.

I hope they make you wonder and dream. 

​Welcome, to the magical world of childhood."   -Mina Mimbu

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